Dr. Colleen Crooms, PhD, NCSP

Licensed Psychologist, PY9289

psychological Assessment and counseling services

Phone: 727-228-2388

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I completed my Ph.D. in School Psychology from Oklahoma State University. I have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of developmental, educational, and behavioral disorders among child and adolescent populations. Additionally, I have specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral intervention, and educational consultation. My background in School Psychology has allowed me to consult with local school districts and provide full psychoeducational assessments in addition to school and parent independent educational evaluations.

While at Oklahoma State University, I conducted research on academic and behavioral interventions in the classroom which has equipped me in providing a supportive role to both parents and schools. Some of these roles include aiding in development of IEP goals from evaluation data and conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments. I completed my pre-doctoral internship at the Florida State University Multidisciplinary Center in Tallahassee, FL. I was given amazing training opportunities through rotations in an autism clinic and attention disorders clinic. I also worked within a local school district providing assessment and consultation services as their school psychologist.

I completed my postdoctoral fellowship at The Psychological Center for Growth and Development in Thomasville, GA, with a primary focus on the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. While working at the Psychological Center, I was able to care for my autism patients in a more well-rounded way by offering social skills groups, parent support meetings, and community events as part of a team that developed the South Georgia Autism Center.

Individual therapy is offered for anxiety, depression, coping, behavior challenges in addition to times of transition. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in addition to Behavioral Rehearsal and Executive Functioning strategies. Group Therapy for social skills training is also available for children with mild to moderate autism spectrum disorders. Parent training is also available and strongly encouraged after initial diagnosis.

I am happy to share I am now accepting new patients with Cigna insurance.

Organizational Involvement:

I am an active Director on the Florida branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Currently, I am working to increase community outreach as related to Dyslexia and am eager to be working on events involving dyslexia simulations.

For more information on the International Dyslexia Association, click    HERE

For more information on the International Dyslexia Association, click HERE